Starting Something New: Studio Opening Sat. July 30, 10-10pm

Darius X Studio Open Tour
Saturday July 30 10am-10pm
3320 Beacon Ave S, Seattle WA 98144

I am very excited to announce that I have a storefront studio in Beacon Hill.  This could have only happened with the help from my friend Maura Shapley of Day Moon Press, who is kindly leasing 200 sq. ft for my new project.  And when I say project, I really mean side project.  As I continue to work full time, I will have very sporadic and non-regular hours at Darius X Studio.  This coming Saturday will be a special event.  If you are not able to come to the opening and would like a studio tour, please contact me and we can make arrangements. Moving forward I plan to spend most Wed and Thurs working in the studio.

Hope to see you then!

Accessibility Info: The front door is ground level and wheelchair accessible. This is not a scent-free space as there are oil based toxic chemicals used in the letterpress shop. I don't nor do the occupants of the building wear scented perfumes. There's lead type everywhere, so if you end up touching lead (but please don't) then definitely don't stick your fingers in your mouth. It ain't finger-licking good.