The Coast is Clear: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
Murky Waters: Find Whatever It Takes To Stay Afloat
Defend Yourself By Any Means Necessary: Safety Is Really An Illusion That You Create For Yourself
Know Your Resources: Find The Right Medicine To Heal Yourself From Trauma
Beware Of Isolation: Resist The Urge To Isolate Because Society Is Already Going To Do That To You
You Made It Here, You Deserve To Be Here: We Must Fight For Your Life As Though It Were Our Own
Bouquet Of Resistance: Stand In Solidarity
Shielded: How You Present In The World Is Up To You Because We All Have Our Own Version Of Body Armor
Escape To Reality: Call It What You Will But Remember Who's Boss Here
Stay In Therapy! Seriously, Just Do It: If Therapy Isn't Your Style, Then Find Some Other Method To Talk Out Your Big Feelings
Dare To Love Yourself: If You Made It This Far You Must Be Doing Something Right
Collective Wisdom: Good Ideas Can Come From The Most Random Places
Procedures For Entering Enclosed Spaces safety poster
user's guide for the interactive exhibit
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